Automotive and Transportation

What is it?

Automotive industry is the area our company was grown inside, as our first projects were related to it. We help big and small entrepreneurs grow by creating smart solutions for their business management till today. The industry is changing and improving rapidly, and we are keeping to follow the trends that come up.

We are all familiar with all, even the smallest aspects and specific industry language. Our developers offer you the wide range of custom solutions - from smart and effective tools for selling the autoparts to vehicle tracking systems and company management services for inner processes.


The main types of applying

E-commerce solutions

SolidBrain team can develop you the e-shop for selling the automotive goods. All you need is your idea and requirements - we offer the development from scratch, including design stage, development, testing, support, consulting and weekly meetings. In the end, you will get a powerfull solution, able to work stable, attract new buyers and help you grow your revenue.

GPS tracking systems

Vehicle tracking solutions are gaining more and more popularity. We offer the solutions not only for tracking the location - we build complex tools for gathering info about the fuel consumption, route infraction and the reasons of it. SolidBrain will deliver you the usable and stable application that works 24/7

Warehouse management

While your business is growing you need more and more documentation and management for all processes. SolidBrain can help you to support discipline and regularity in every day routine. The warehouse management system is the best way to throw out the tons of papers your workers waste.

Industrie projects

Our experience with the direction

ASG Online System

Auto Standard Group cooperates with more than 70 suppliers and manufacturers of automotive products in Europe, Asia, CIS, and Ukraine.



The system is a part of management software in ASG company which helps make the products delivery more effective.


CarMods America

CarMods is a global company with hundreds of shops in USA, Canada and Australia.


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