Finance and Banking

What is it?

We have extensive experience in developing financial and banking solutions. As the finance industry is growing fast, we can offer you many IT solutions for any scale and needs - no matter if you own a large business or just want to streamline your business.

SolidBrain specialists help banking institutions, financial, audit, investment, insurance companies create new, innovative applications and web applications that meet financial standards. We help to implement modern solutions for automation of processes at the enterprises.


The main types of applying

CRM systems

Most large enterprises use CRM systems to analyze the interaction between employees and clients and improve the relationship between them. CRM systems will help you to monitor employee time records, create activity-specific reports, monitor sales data, obtain financial and non-financial data relationships, compare employees based on objective results, and many other features.

Money transaction platform

With payment systems, you can make transactions at the any corner of the world and always have their funds under control. Our specialists will help you connect paypal, payoneer and other well-known systems. SolidBrain make transfers and online payments with electronic payment systems easy and convenient for both personal and business purposes.

Custom banking solution

Information technology helps banks to improve their customer relationships and find new ways to make more money. We also offer a lot of solutions, made customly on your demand: automation of intrabank operations, accounting and reporting, interbank settlements, analytical systems, automation of retail operations, etc. All for your needs and nothing odd.

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