Advertising and Publishing

What is it?

Every company needs to advertise its products or services. First, you need to explore your competitors and identify the target market. SolidBrain develops ads for wide range of companies and organizations and campaigns to promote the interests and image of their clients.

Advertising and printing sectors play an important role in promoting and popularizing your brand. SolidBrain has extensive experience in brand development and promotion of many large companies. We will help you to do this for your business!


The main types of applying


A strong brand raises your company over competitors. Branding includes: naming, logo, corporate identity creation, brandbook, business cards. We will help you develop your idea and we will do our best to identify your company name.

Digital marketing

The main goal of the site is to increase the number of conversions. Our specialists will assist in promoting your site. We can offer you a number of works, namely: connecting contextual advertising, analytics systems, SEO promotion. Contact us and your sales will increase significantly.

UI/UX Design

A wise and convenient site structure is one of the most important factors in your project. Our designers understand the UI / UX Design principles perfectly. Numerous experience is the key to our success. We listen to all your wishes and ideas and our specialists will develop a unique design for your site or application.

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