HealthCare and Medical Supply

What is it?

SolidBrain supports the medical industry progress in Ukraine and other countries. Our specialists create software solutions that improve the efficiency of the functioning of hospitals, equipment shops and treatment in general. We apply only the latest technology for solving problems. That's why you can be sure your data is protected, but in the same way is easy to access by the granted persons.

SolidBrain specialists have extensive experience in developing web applications and integrated medical systems. Our solutions help patients in their treatment and diagnostic, provide statistical information about their health.


The main types of applying

Data management solutions for hospitals

The storage, access and analysis of electronic data ensures the continuity and accuracy of processing the facts and clinical research. SolidBrain company is developing innovative hospital management solutions. With these systems, all data is stored securely. Only user with access rights can reach the information about patients illnesses, treatment history and status.

Online consulting services for doctor and patients

Our specialists have extensive experience in creating online platforms for doctors and patients. With this platform, patients are easily registered to visit a doctor at a time convenient for them. You can also get an online doctor's consultation and get the right decision.

E-platforms for medical supply selling

Online shops are used to improve access to essential drugs, health services, prevention services, and medical equipment. The specialists of SolidBrain have extensive experience in developing online stores. We offer you the fast and smart solution for any type of device - the computer, tablet, smartphone - everything for the comfort of your potential customers. All that is needed is your idea and our implementation.

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