What is it?

The governments of almost all countries spend billions of dollars to educate its citizen, because they fill millions of jobs to run a country in the ways its government believe. That`s why education can be, and even must be called an industry. The history of education is very long, but the progress of methods is required for the humanity evolution.

Nowadays computers and smart devices can help to teach and train anywhere beginning from the kindergarten and till the big factories. The educational software market offers you the wide range of tools: testing systems, online simulators, employees training tools, spelling tutoring, and a lot of other custom solutions.


The main types of applying

Services for students studying

SolidBrain offers you development of smart systems for studying. It is the perfect thing for preparing before exams - the resource where you can find the lectures, hometasks, and tests. This solution also helps teachers to check the hometask, as the students are able to upload the tasks done on the cloud.

Employees online training

Whether you are a big factory or a local enterprise, the new employees require some training on the start. We offer the solution for any area, to help your fresh workers to plung into process, tuck up the skills and get the overall familiarity with the enterprise activities. SolidBrain team is ready to help you be more effective and get the fast results.

Management tools for educational institutions

Nowadays it is essential for every institution to have the smart and rapid software that contains the information about students and teachers, their personal and accounting information, assessments and attendance accounting. SolidBrain professionals will rapidly deliver you the powerful and accessible solution and make the inner operations more clear and simple.

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