Entertainment establishments

What is it?

The entertainment industry is the one of those which will never loose their popularity. Though the methods and types of facilities are developing rapidly, the sense remains the same - make customers feel happy. If you are the owner of a big restaurant network or the small gym administrator we would gladly help you to make you business management and promotion more effective.

SolidBrain team uses the most popular and powerful programming languages to keep your software rapid, good-looking, and also usable and secured.


The main types of applying

Restaurant ordering apps

This is not something revolutionary new, but definitely the thing every restaurant owner dreams of. As your business grows it`s popularity, the paper bills stop be useful. We offer you the custom solution for any type of restaurant. SolidBrain is ready to help both the luxury restaurants, fast-food, and food delivery establishment to make your life easier and more comfortable.

Entertainment establishments management

Whether you are a casino or a local beer bar you obviously need some management to avoid the chaos. SolidBrain suggests you the smart solutions to manage your workers time and salaries, update and see availability of products and stuff, gather the stats about the most popular days for visitors, dishes, activities, etc.

Sports shops and gyms

The sports industry is growing its popularity very rapidly. We help sports business growing by creating the software for gym management and accounting, e-shops for selling sports stuff, promotional pages for training complexes, etc.

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