Website for SolidHome. The company is a leader in the establishment of innovative security systems in Ukraine.

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About project

SolidHome presents ready-made solutions for apartments, offices, warehouses, and businesses. Also, with the help of news, users can learn about innovative technology in this area, view the company's work, and make online orders.


Technical task

The task was to create a convenient site for use. On which users can make online orders. And also, the main requirement was the availability of site adaptability.





Market research and analysis of major competitors helped us develop an effective site structure. A well-built hierarchy helps the user easily find the information they need.

Used the latest AMP technology (open source technology). AMP pages are downloaded almost instantly, which makes the work on the Internet enjoyable.

The presence of an online consultant is one of the benefits of the site. As the consultant instantly answers the questions of the user and the speed of the order is significantly increased.

The site is easy to use and also adapted to all devices. Users can easily and easily find the right solution.

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One of the main advantages of the site is the availability of the category: directions.

  • В каждом направлении описана подробная информация.
  • An interesting design encourages users to go to the link.
  • Also one of the advantages is the transition from a certain direction to the catalog.

Design stage

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Based on the analysis of site planning, the model structure and ways of its development are determined and created. As a result, the overall concept of the site is formed.

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As a result, the most accessible and understandable design for the target audience, overall clarity and ease of perception. Not using a large number of animations allows users not only to jump through the links on the pages, but also enjoy the process itself.