SDС Verifier

Redesign and complete update of the server part of the website for the Dutch company SDC Verifier.

SDС Verifier banner desctop
SDС Verifier banner tablet

About project

SDC Verifier is a Dutch product company specializing in the development of CAE software and engineering consulting services. The software implemented by the company simplifies the calculation of various characteristics of engineering structures, such as stability, angles of inclination, and other important nuances that should be taken into account when designing.


Technical task

The main task was to create a new, powerful, modern site for the company's representation based on an existing site. Since the industry is very narrow, and graphic materials that reflect the essence of the activity are difficult to fit into modern web design, this project has become a challenge for our team.





Structure the site by the directions of the company, so that the user can immediately choose the necessary and see the available means that it can buy.

Created a call to action top panel. The user may not spend time searching the site if he wants to go directly to the company's managers

Improved color scheme and site style. Saved colors, but added accents and drawn different graphic elements.

Simple and easy navigation for viewing versions of the software allows the user to quickly access information about the benefits of each version and see the updates that appeared in the most recent version.

Design stage

design stage left

The site that the company had was overwhelmed by text with incomprehensible navigation.

design stage right

As a result of the team work, they received a beautiful, functional website.