The most popular web development trends 2019-01-29

Every new year brings something new to each area, especially to technologies. New platforms, languages, frameworks, devices are replacing the old ones. It is not mandatory to use every appearing trend in your work, because the new doesn`t always mean ‘better’.  

Here we will tell you about what new is coming up in web-development. Despite looking complicated, this is the trend, so you need at least to be sure you know what some words mean!


1.  Enhancement in One-Page Website Designs


For understanding, you need to know that mostly sites differ by its structure onto two main types. The first is  multi-page site, and on the other hand the second is one-page solution. In first case you need to put every new topic on the new page. In majority of cases,it makes sense. However, a lot of people today don't use computer for reading sites. So it is normal to cut the content a bit to attract more users. People love scrolling their mobile devices, and a lot of text may shrink their session. Also the plenty of redirections make site less attractive.  People love simplicity, especially when it touches the way they perceive the information.

So before designing the site for the business you need to analyse the typical users behavior - especially their device preferences.



2. The Decline of the Flash Protocol


It was a very very long road to come to this - rid of Flash. Flash was the scariest SEO killer, and even regardless that fact it was awfully launched on different devices. This Adobe protocol was used for at least last 16 years mostly for displaying the animation. But finally, Google decided to break up with Flash and replace it with quicker and more compatible HTML5 and it brought the start of killing Flash.

As you know HTML5 is a web development language. But nowadays it also gives you a lot of tools for animations, video embedding, graphs and a lot of other cool things. HTML5 is also optimized with search engines. Also Google supports HTM5 greatly, it has Web Designer tool, which allows you to create high-quality HTML5 ads from a user-friendly interface.






3. A Focus on Mobile-First Design Philosophy 


Mobiles and tablets designing is now something new for developers. But since more and more people buy smart devices and use them to surf the Internet, it makes sense to focus on mobile design and bring desktop view to the second plan.

So to catch the wave of this trend you need to think of new philosophy - research about web apps, one-page designs and mobile-first designs. Be careful in believing everything you hear - you need to rethink all given solutions and still need to choose what's better depending on user personas, and, surely, the devices these personas use.




4. The Increasing Importance of Push Notifications


Push notifications are obviously important to modern user. There are many sites that include them to be in trend and gather more visitors. Actually, push notifications helps to notify users about different things: new content, messages, help suggestions, updates, news etc. And user don't need to check the website each minute, of, what is even worse his email. In this way he just needs to pay attention on the browsers activity.  This is a great passive engagement tool that can help you to keep user stay up to date with your site updates.




5. A Rise in the Popularity of Progressive Web Apps


The top trend today is web app. The goal of this is to create the desktop version and then convert into the native app for mobile platform. Such apps offer a lot of advantages: speed, security, usability, offline access, and convenience for user. The best tools for developing the web app are definitely Angular and React.   

Sure, this is high-level concept, and to implement this you need to have enough experience and skills. And also it costs. However, if you want to get started, Google already has a lot of guides to help you.


web apps



6. The Leadership of JavaScript


All benefits of using JS were hidden till last years. Now it is improving every year. Previously it was used only for front-end features creating like with the help of Jquery - the very early and essential nowadays framework.

Today JS is the strong coding language, with tools for actually everything you want to implement on the website: MVC with Angular, solid server side with Node, component-oriented React, easy and flexible Vue. More and more frameworks are appearing each day and you know what? We think this is great!